Testing the telephone cabling

Testing the telephone cabling

Firstly, disconnect the BT line completely.
In the remote end bridge any two terminals (make a note of which two).
Measure continuity between these two wires at the master socket end – should be no more than a few ohms.
Repeat for the second pair of wires.
If either show a fault swap the combinations – so if you tried 2 and 4 and that was OK, and then 3 and 5 and that failed, you know 2 and 4 are both good so trying 2 and 5 and 2 (or 4) and 3 will show you the faulty wire.


OK – so you have tested the cables and there is 150 yds of cable buried in the newly decorated wall and only 2 wires have continuity – what do I do??

This is about the only occasion where you cheat and use a second master socket.

The second master gives you back your ring signal so connect the two working wires to terminals 2 and 5 on the new master and hope for the best!


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