Broadband Telephone Engineer Colchester


Are you looking for a fully qualified, BT taught telephone engineer Colchester and broadband engineer Colchestertelephone engineer essex will be here to aid residential and business clients. You will talk directly to a highly trained engineer, all costs mentioned are inclusive of VAT. If you have any queries or problems why not get in touch via the various methods offered through this site and we shall be happy to answer them.

Broadband Engineer Colchester

When working with broadband, the telephone line will be assessed to determine precisely what data transfer speeds can be obtained.

Using professional tools we can easily prove the maximum speed accessible to you, telephone your own broadband service provider and ask for the setting to be changed to enable you to get the maximum rate you are entitled to.

  • Broadband faults repaired
  • Broadband master socket installation
  • Full Broadband diagnostic test and report
  • Broadband master socket relocation
  • Internet cabling extensions for hard to reach areas
  • Data cabling for Sky+ data transfer

Telephone Engineer Colchester

  • Extra Telephone sockets installed
  • Fault repairs
  • Master socket relocation
  • Overhead Telephone cable moved to allow for building work
  • Data Socket for Sky
  • Internet cabling for PS4 & Xbox online gaming
  • Repair / Replace damaged wiring
  • Master test socket installation
  • Full house Telephone re-wire
  • Install Internet lines to outbuildings

Remember to contact us for just about any broadband or telephone associated concerns in Colchester. Any concerns you have which are not in the above list, do not hesitate to call as we may be able to support